AC Installation in Little Rock, AR

With summer around the corner, the need for an air conditioner peaks. Investing in the right unit with the right installation process is wise. To survive in the summer heat this season, do not forget to contact Epic Mechanical Services for AC installation in Little Rock, AR.

1. Steps Of AC Installation

AC is not something you can buy regularly. It is expensive and requires a professional with experience in the field. To stay safe and comfortable in summer for a long time, ensure your HVAC contractor follows the given steps and finishes the job correctly.

  • Choose the Right Size AC

A home assessment is the first step of preparation for AC installation. It is better to consult a professional who will evaluate and help you make the right choice. This evaluation gives a better idea of the AC capacity required per your home size.

  • Professional Installation

Discuss the date and time of installation with your contractor and the necessary preparations. In the case of a central AC unit, prior cleaning and tuneup of the ductwork are necessary to ensure there is no leakage. Also, the ventilation system should be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum and hose to remove any blockages.

The process of installation depends on several factors. For instance, a small unit for a small house will take only a few hours, while a larger unit might take one whole day. Similarly, central heating systems and ductwork can take several days to become fully functional.

  • Test Operation

The final step is to run your AC fully and perform tests to confirm that the installation has no issues. These tests will help fix the problems before your device fails.

2. Why Schedule Professional AC Installation In Little Rock, AR

AC is a go-to appliance for comfort in summer, and Epic Mechanical Services professionals know how to handle serious situations without compromise.

  • Certified and Licensed Technicians

Our team is NATE-certified and constantly undergoes training to improve hands-on services. We also run several training courses to teach our staff about modern technologies and refine the services we offer.

  • Skilled Technicians

From installation to routine maintenance, our team is knowledgeable and skilled in all water heater services you might need. We work under the advice of our professional experts, who guide the technicians.

  • Quick Reply

We are available on call, text, and email to answer your questions. For website queries, we always have one or two professionals that can answer you through the website forum and never leave you unattended.

  • Free Estimates

Our professional services include more than just a consultation and necessary repairs. We offer home assessments and provide a free estimation of service plans per your choice.

  • Customizations Available

We know your home is different, and so are your needs. Therefore, we offer a variety of maintenance plans, financing, and budget packages that suit your needs.

  • Affordable

We never charge for consultation and the complimentary plumbing services we provide along with your package. Our charges are fair and upfront and within your affordability for sure.

The Bottom Line

Call Epic Mechanical Services for professional AC installation in Little Rock, AR. Call us at (501) 771-2500 or leave your queries on our website forum, and we’ll reply at the earliest.